Finance & Properties Committee

The Finance & Properties Committee meets monthly, on the 2nd Monday of each month and amongst other things scrutinises the invoices received by the Council and the monthly financial reports prepared by the Town Clerk. Topics dealt with recently vary from ensuring best value for the floral decorations that the Council provide for the Town to evaluating the Council budget for the next financial year. The Finance Committee, once satisfied, recommends its findings to the Full Council for consideration.

This committee also takes decisions over the development and maintenance of the Council’s property portfolio. This includes the Rowberry Street Complex comprising the Old Vicarage, Heritage Centre, Car Park and Town Green. Also this committee looks after the allotments and riverside walk at Broadbridge as well as taking a role in the Kempson Players on Old Road.

Minutes of Finance Committee meetings can be found here:

Minutes 16th April 2018 Finance

Minutes 12th March 2018

Minutes 19th February 2018

Minutes 15th January 2018 Finance M 01.15.18 Finance

Minutes Finance December 14th 2017

Minutes 13th November 2017 Finance

Minutes 16th October 2017 Finance

The Agenda for the next Finance & Properties Committee, once published, can be found here Agenda Finance Ctte 16th April 2018


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A list of the current members of the Committee can be found here

Asset Register

Details of all the Town Councils assets by way of land and property can be found in this list here  : Asset Register May 2017