Planning & Economic Development Committee

The Planning & Economic Development Committee meets monthly, on the first Monday of every month (providing there are planning applications to consider) or more often if necessary. As a Statutory Consultee for all planning applications in the Bromyard and Winslow area, together with any plans which neighbour its boundaries, it considers the applications and makes recommendations to Herefordshire Council. This Planning Committee can recommend certain actions to the Planning Office at Herefordshire Council, who do not however have to follow them.

Minutes of meetings of the Planning Committee can be found here:

for the next meeting of the Planning Committee to be held on Monday 4th June 2018  at 7.30pm can be viewed here  Agenda 18th June 2018 Planning

Details of the planning applications under consideration can be viewed via the Herefordshire Council Planning website .

Background Licensing Papers are available on the Herefordshire Council website

Background Papers


Current members of the Planning and Economic Development Committee  are : Cllr Brunsdon, Cllr Cave, Cllr Churchill (VC), Cllr Clark, Cllr Cooper,Cllr Dods, Cllr Dunne-Thomas, Cllr Johnson and Cllr Page (Chairman).