Meetings of the Full Council.

There is a meeting of the Full Council on the fourth Monday of every month.  At this meeting Councillors consider the many and varied issues affecting the town and its residents. Council also considers the recommendations of the other committees such as the Finance and Properties committee and working parties that may have been set up to investigate or consider larger projects or issues.

The next meeting of the Full Council is scheduled for Monday 28th October 2019. The Agenda and accompanying papers can be found below:

Agenda 10.28.19 Council

C19_201, 1 Minutes 09.16.19 Council

C19_201, 2 Minutes 23.9.19 Extraordinary Council

C19_202, 2.2 Minutes 10.14.19 Finance

C19_202, 2.1 Minutes 09.09.19 Finance

C19_202, 3.1 Minutes 23.9.19 Staffing

C19_202, 3.2 Minutes 09.30.19 Staffing

C19_202,1 Mimutes 10.07.19 Planning

C19_203, 2 Income & Expenditure by Account 30_09_2019

C19_203, 1 Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 30 September 2019

C19_203, 3 Receipts and Payments Summary Months 1-6

The meeting will start at 7.00pm and take place in the Council Chamber.


Green Spaces Grant Info sheet 19-20

Green spaces grant application 2019 Final

External Auditor report and certificate 2018_19


A list of Councillors and their contact details can be found here