Meetings of the Full Council.

There is a meeting of the Full Council on the fourth Monday of every month.  At this meeting Councillors consider the many and varied issues affecting the town and its residents. Council also considers the recommendations of the other committees such as the Finance and Properties committee and working parties that may have been set up to investigate or consider larger projects or issues.

The next meeting of the Full Council is scheduled for 7pm on Monday  24th February 2020 and will meet in the Council Chamber. 

Agenda Minutes from most recent meeting Meeting Papers

A 2020.02.24 Council

A 2020.01.27 Council

Minutes 24.01.2020 Council

M 12.16.19 Council


Minutes P&ED 03.02.2020

Minutes F & P 10.02.2020

PCC letter We Don’t Buy Crime

Outside Body reports FC 24.02.2020

M 2020.01.20 Burial Committee


M 2020.01.13 Finance


M 2020.01.14 Traffic Management Working Party

M 2019.12.12 Traffic Management Working Party


Minutes of Staffing Committee 12 November 2019

Cashbook Summary Months 1-9

Detailed Income & Expenditure by Account 31_12_2019

Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 December 2019




A list of Councillors and their contact details can be found here