At full council meetings councillors consider the many and varied issues affecting the town and its residents alongside recommendations from other council committees and working parties set up to investigate or consider larger projects or issues.

All councillors attend Full Council meetings.


This committee meets on the first Monday of the month, when there are items to consider.

As a Statutory Consultee in the Bromyard & Winslow area and its neighbouring boundaries, this committee considers applications and makes recommendations to Herefordshire Council Planning Officers. The Planning Officers are not bound to follow the recommendations.

Current members of this committee are:  Councillors Churchill (C), Clark (VC), Brunsdon, Hughes, Dunne-Thomas, Stevens, James, Patchett and Nagy.


This committee meets monthly, on the 2nd Monday of each month and amongst other things scrutinises the invoices received by the Council and the monthly financial reports prepared by the Town Clerk.

Topics dealt with recently vary from ensuring best value for the floral decorations that the Council provide for the Town to evaluating the Council budget for the next financial year. The Finance Committee, once satisfied, recommends its findings to the Full Council for consideration.

This committee also takes decisions over the development and maintenance of the Council’s property portfolio. This includes the Rowberry Street Complex comprising the Old Vicarage, Heritage Centre, Car Park and Town Green. Also this committee looks after Tenbury Road car park and public toilets and the Riverside Walk at Broadbridge.

Current members of this committee are: Councillors Franklin (C), Brunsdon, Churchill, Davies , Law and Robinson. Councillor Clark will serve as a temporary member of this committee.


This committee is responsible for all aspects of managing the town’s cemetery.

Cemetery Fees (please read all information carefully)

Rules and Regulations

Current members of this committee are: Councillors Dunne-Thomas (C), Franklin, Churchill, Hughes, Davies and Clark.


This committee oversees all staffing related matters that arise with the council’s employees

Your Town Council values transparency.  On occasions and pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960), some items of business may be deemed confidential and the public and press may be asked to leave the meeting during consideration of these items.

Current members of this committee are: Councillors Davies (C), Brunsdon, Clark, Franklin, Dunne-Thomas and Churchill.





Current members of this committee are: Councillors Clark (C), Dunne-Thomas, Franklin, James, Nielsen and Quantrill.