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Your Town Mayor

Councillor Suzette Brunsdon was elected to the office of Town Mayor at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May 2021, for the civic year 2021/22. Bromyard and Winslow became a Market Town Parish Council in 1986 and Councillor Brunsdon is the 18th Mayor.

Supporting her in this role will be Councillor Dr. Dee Dunne-Thomas, who was elected Deputy Town Mayor (Vice-Chairman of the Council).

Inviting the Mayor to Attend Your Event

The Mayor is delighted to receive invitations from local organisations to attend functions and fundraising events.
The Mayor also represents Bromyard at functions outside the town.

If you would like to invite the Mayor to your function, please contact the Town Council;
Tel: (01885) 482825
Email: Jennifer.Eva@bromyardandwinslow-tc.gov.uk

When introducing the Mayor at your event, please address her as “Town Mayor of Bromyard, Suzette Brunsdon”.

If the Mayor is unable to attend your event, you may wish to invite the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Dr Dee Dunne-Thomas, to attend.