Casual Vacancies

There are currently 6 vacancies for the position of Town Councillor on Bromyard and Winslow Town Council

Process to fill a vacancy

If a vacancy arises on the town council, due to an existing councillor’s resignation, disqualification or death, there is a process to fill the vacancy.

  • The town council will notify the Returning Officer of the vacancy. The Returning Officer, is appointed by the local authority to manage and deliver the registration service.
  • The Returning Officer will send the town council a Notice of Vacancy, which they have a duty to display for 14-working days, informing residents about the vacancy.


One casual vacancy for Bromyard West MUST be filled by election. The election will be held on Thursday, 4th November 2021.

Nomination papers must be hand-delivered to the Returning Officer at Electoral Services Town Hall St Owen Street Hereford HR1 2PJ between 10am and 4pm on any working day after the date of publication of this notice (excluding bank holidays) but no later than 4pm on Friday, 8th October 2021.

The nomination pack includes the following –

  • Election Timetable
  • Candidate check list
  • Nomination papers x2 (only need to submit 1 copy)
  • Home address form
  • Candidate’s consent to nomination (MUST RETURN ALL 4 PAGES to be valid)
  • Certificate of authorisation (to use the name of a registered political party)
  • Request for a party emblem (the use of a political party emblem on the ballot paper)
  • Notice of withdrawal
  • Request for a register of electors
  • Request for absent vote list


Five casual vacancies will be filled by co-option.

If you would like to be considered for co-option as a Councillor for the remainder of the 2019-2023 term, please complete the application form below and return to the Town Clerk either by email: clerk@bromyardandwinslow-tc.gov.uk or  send to: The Town Council Offices, The Old Vicarage, 1 Rowberry Street, Bromyard, HR7 4DU.