What Is The Town Council?

Your Council is comprised of 18 members, each serving for up to four years.

All of these Councillors are volunteers willing to serve the Community through the work of the Town Council.

If vacancies arise between election periods then Council is able to co-opt volunteers.

Every year the Council elects one Councillor to become Chairman and Mayor. This year the Mayor is Councillor Suzette Brunsdon and the Deputy Mayor is Councillor Dee Dunne-Thomas.

The Council generally meets every fourth Monday in the month,  with the exception of August and these meetings are open to the public with an opportunity for members of the public to question the Council about any matter they wish. This opportunity is usually given towards the beginning of each meeting.  

In order to obtain the most comprehensive answer it is however often best to contact the Town Clerk to register the question. This ensures that, when necessary, time is available prior to the meeting for information to be gathered. If you would like to attend, a notice giving time and date is posted on the Town Council notice board by the Public Hall or check the “Latest News” banner above.

In addition to the meetings of the Full Council there are monthly meetings of the Finance & Properties Committee and the Planning & Economic Development Committee. The Burial Committee meets every two months. Other Committees and Working Parties meet when necessary.

Councillors also represent the Town Council on the Committees of several outside bodies, such as the Public Hall Management Committee. Further details can be found on the ‘Committees’ page.

There is an Annual Town Meeting in April or May and this is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the Mayor and the chairpersons of the Town Council’s committees.

The Town Council is supported in its work by the Town Clerk, Karen Mitchell who is the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer.