Powers and Duties of your Council

Town and Parish Councils are the first tier of local government and deliver a range of services at community level. Herefordshire Council is a Unitary Authority and as such there is no District or Borough Council between it and the Town Council.

Town and Parish Councils are statutory bodies and Councillors are elected for a four year period. Councils are funded principally by an annual precept, a budget of future expenditure, which is added to Council Tax and collected by the County. This is then paid to parish or town councils in two six-monthly instalments.

Parish and Town Councils can apply for grants or funding awards but they receive no monies from central government.

Parish and Town Councils are involved in many and varied activities ranging from Planning, aspects of tourism, representation and management of assets.

The powers which have been vested in Parish, Town and Community Councils are Acts of Parliament summarised as a guide that can be downloaded by clicking here. Each description is brief and intended to be a general indication.  Like all powers given to public bodies the powers of local councils are defined in detail in legislation and these details may include a requirement to obtain the consent of another body.

Local Councils must also exercise their powers subject to the provisions of the general law (for example planning permission is necessary for a sports pavilion).

If you have any questions regarding the Town Council’s powers and duties please call us on 01885 482825 or email us.