The Town Council owns the Old Vicarage Complex site on Rowberry Street and is responsible for its upkeep, ensuring that as far as possible it is a self-financing property. This is done by renting rooms for offices, letting the Council Chamber for meetings and charging for car parking in the Rowberry Street Car Park. The Town Council is also responsible for the Bromyard Cemetery and land at Broadbridge, which has been developed to provide allotments, a picnic area and a Riverside Walk.

This Council’s priority is to try to improve the quality of life for those who live in, work in and/or visit the town. To this end, the Town Council represents the views of the community in matters such as planning applications. It undertakes schemes to benefit the community such as the redevelopment of Broadbridge. It champions the needs and desires of the community in all consultation exercises, advises Herefordshire Council of any problems that need addressing and helps Herefordshire Council keep in touch with the local community.